Duff Beer Distribution was first set up in early 2011, specialising in the import and distribution of The Legendary Duff Beer.

Having seen the growth of The Legendary Duff Beer brand in mainland Europe and further afield we felt the brand could work well within the UK market.

Initially we thought the brand was great, but needed to see what the beer inside was like, upon sampling we realised that it really is a premium German pilsner style beer that has to follow all of the German purity laws – unlike most other beers from around the world – simply, our final conclusion was that we needed to bring this brand to the UK market.

Shortly after the company was born, becoming the UK partner and distributor for the brand. Initially we worked purely as an online portal so that all in the UK could finally taste The Legendary Duff Beer which had previously only been available to our European friends.

It was then clear there was a strong demand for the product in the UK market, we then began our rapid growth with our wholesale partners – with the long term view of anyone being able to get hold of a Duff beer in their local bar, wherever they may be in the UK.

From our humble beginnings we now work closely with our partners and wholesalers to make this great tasting beer a reality to all.


Product details

- Premium 4.7% ABV
- Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, hops extract
- Pack contains 330ml Duff Beer
- Light refreshing lager style pilsner
- Available in the iconic 330ml glass bottle or can
- Brewed by the highly acclaimed brewery – Eschweger Klosterbrauerei
- Brewed to the German purity laws of 1864

Legendary Duff Beer Cans Full Casebottle full case thumb